Thursday, May 7, 2009

"You're such a foodie"

Someone said that to me today... and I took it as a compliment ;) I come alive when i talk about my interesting food creations!

Today started off with me hunting around for honey nut cheerios. I KNOW I had purchased a box. I KNOW I saw them in the kitchen last week. I KNOW my tummy was grumbling for them! But.......not there!! Someone had eaten all of the cheerios! And nobody would fess up. grr. So, I settled on peanut butter puffins :)

I love these! Has anyone tryed them? mmm they are so good!

After to b-club I go to feed the kiddos..
I got home around 9:30 and went over to Witiveens Meat market out in the country! My mom got some interesting meat products... and of course I did not go home empty handed!! (Some of the stuff is pricy..but well worth it) Such great quality in their meats. I however did not get any meat. But I did get...

I'm a sucker for a good soup..mmm split pea...

mmm heaven.


feta cheese with roasted peppers and tomatoe mmmm

So that all looks delishous...and I already cracked open the roasted red pepper/spinach/and artichoke spread..and cheese and put some on my...WRAP!! (I snacked on an apple with peanut butter before this)

small whole wheat wrap
herb and garlic cream cheese (just a tiny bit)
Tiny bit of the artichoke spread
2 slices of feta cheese
black olives
one slice smoked turkey
baked in oven...

mmm..served with crunchy carrots and some of the artichoke dip

what a delishous mess!

afterwords I had an organic manderin sorbet bar and I rolled it in granola :) It was yummmyyyyy

I went to work from 3 to 7:30... took a carrot cake cliff bar with me for a snack. It was delishous. I again must say how impressed I am with those bars! They are moist and yummy and filling and good for ya too! I wasn't too hungry when I got in...but it was getting late and if I don't just leads to eating bad things late at night. I was craving something sweet. I opted for..

A fruit/vanilla smoothie with a toasted english muffin

In the smoothie?
- frozen fruit (strawberries peaches)
- fresh fruit: strawberries
- skim milk
- half cup of sugarfree/lactose free vanilla icecream

On the english muffin?
- one half almond honey butter with flax
- one half light strawberry cream cheese ( YUM i haven't had this in was a nice treat)

this was filling and hit the spot!!!!

I also thought I would share with you one of my favorite cookbooks. Now, this wouldn't really interest the healthy cook. lol This would interest the old fashioned cook :) I come from a scottish backround..(dad, grandparents etc)...and I love anything and everything to do with scottish cooking. My grandma was the best cook when it came to traditional scottish meals. Anyways there is this cook book out called Maw Broons Cook Book. Maw Broon is a comic book character popular in Scotland...The Broons family was a comic published every sunday in the newspaper in Scotland. I grew up reading these comics. The broons family is based around war time era in Great Britain. So someone decided to put together an entire book of old fashioned scottish our great..great grandparents would have made them. It is a great read...and although some of it isn't that great for's a nice change/treat sometimes :)

Some of my favorite scottish recipies?

- empire biscuits
- mince and tatties (meat and potatoes..with gravy etc)
- cheese n egg
- vegetarian haggis
- stovies
- scottish shortbread

Wellll it is weigh in Friday tomorrow. For those of you who don't know..I try to follow the weightwatchers points and most days I am pretty successful with it! I also try to walk everywhere I go/ drink mostly water.. curves gym a few times a week and as of late..60 minutes of beginners yoga a day. I am just waiting on the 30 day shred video coming to when I get that..that will be more activity on top of it. I'm hoping to have lost a pound this week. But if not...if I just stay the same..I will still be happy :)

Night all!!


misssarahlou said...

Good luck with your weigh in. Nice eating again that you are enjoying the good ole british cooking, lol.

Kelly said...

Yay, one of the best things about spring/summer is smoothie season.
I really like how you put two different things on your English muffin, what a good idea.
Thanks for the advice about swimming by the way- I think maybe I should take some lessons. Either that or I have fine form I'm just slow haha.
Oh well- why you wait for your shred dvd don't forget to enter my No More Trouble Zones giveaway. It's similar to the shred just a little longer (good for when you finish the shred- which by the way you are going to love!).