Saturday, May 16, 2009

A detox of sorts.

So I am finally going to post some pictures...
This week...has just been a bad one for me.
I'v eaten too much...and things that I shouldn't be eating...I'v slacked on the excersise (near the end of the week) I have a bad headcold/sore through...and this acne fest on my face has seriously put a damper on my mood...I feel disgusting when I leave the house every single day. I have no idea what is doing it to hasent been this bad in like 3 years!! And this is JUST since i'v started to eat better!! Ah... Bleh.

I'm just going to post some pictures from the past few days...not really in any real order..they might be special things that have come in the mail, meals, treats...SNACKS (need to stop) etc..

Here we go!

bfast a few days ago...peanut butter puffins and green monster

Yea...don't ask :S

Have you got YOUR free box of kashi???

more snacking...addiction must stop

annnnd thursday..this surprise showed up at my door...and I think its what pushed me over the and lead me to a detox (more to come) not the detox you are thinking

a few boxes like this (cudnt even eat them all..they wud have went bad..ended up giving some away!)

Im getting a tummy ache just looking at these.
no more!

seriously .. you don't want to knwo about my weightgain the day after eating those babies...not pretty. good thing its water weight.

On to...not eating so much (I literally felt like throwing up when I woke up the next day...sugary food just doesn't sit well with me!)..I learned.

Dry toast and lemon water. :|

this lovely package came in the mail for me..can't remember which day...
creamed cinnamon honey from a farm in winnipeg..mmm

these also came for me in the mail...
The popular book everyone is obviously I had to! Great going to try some later!



Cuz us canadian girls aren't as lucky as all the american bloggies who can waltz out to their local grocery store and find greek yogurt waiting for no...we strain our own. lol

My lunch on detox day 1...all organic/gluten free...(literally made of honey seeds..nuts.flax..etc)

I found these to be ok for what it was..kind of plain though...

Now onto detox day 2...

My detox isn't STOPPING's just..cutting out every single piece of junk I can think of...sugary foods...and getting back on track with WW POINTS...I literally felt so grose after all those sugary chocolate dipped fruits and snack yea...motivation is coming back..I hope.

almond honey butter with flax...? mmmmm.
- one slice of whole wheat toast with the honey butter and cut up banana on top
- lemon spritzer -no sodium (yum)

It is currently RAINING
but it is a long weekend in canada..nice eh?

I get Monday off..and i need it..
I'v been feeling really down about the fact that I doubt I will be able to take a holiday before the summer...(i should be able to) but for some reason can't.. I would have liked to take a week off to visit Lee before the craziness of summer camp starts..I'll be working 50 hours a week during the summer..with no chance of a hooliday except weekends.


Anyways..thats about it..Today I plan on doing some yoga..NAPPING alot (because it's raining and the weekend..and I can) and also cuz i want to sleep away this head cold I have :(

Hope you all are having a great weekend...