Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sorry folks.

Work and life just exhaust me.
I really need the weekend to I can do better things with my time, like BLOG.

Menu for today...wasn't so good (just added soome extra things I should not have) but at least i realize that right?

b: cup of peanut butter puffins with sliced banana in skim milk YUM..I think everyone should go out right now and buy peanut butter puffins..they are like over sized captin crunch...but crunchier! and taste like peanut butter!..low in sugar..and fat..and just fabulous ;)

s: one snack cracker with light cream cheese...half a banana

L: grilled cheese sandwich using light livactive mozza cheese and weight watchers bread with sliced onion....cut up celery with roasted red pepper dip

s: smart pop popcorn, cup of yogurt with granola and fruit

d: one black bean sausage

extras: fruit cup and 100calorie peanut butter thins

You might say wow..all those snacks and extras..yea..I fail. but I'm a woman and this is my time of the month...and dare I explain more?

peeeeace out.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


THE TOMMY EUROPE CONTEST on amy's quest to skinny blog!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDD

"less cheese burgers and more sandwiches and salads ladies!"

An old dance teacher once said to my class .. "LESS CHEESE BURGERS AND MORE SANDWICHES AND SALADS LADIES"... At the time, I hated him...but now I understand where he is coming from, and am proud that I have been filling up on the GOOD HEALTHY stuff! So cheers to me..and YOU for doing the same :)

Today i walked to work in the morning, walked to work and back in the afternoon...pumped it up at curves gym! I was seriously sweating after that work out...because I jog on the matts and that takes alot out of me. I then went grocery shopping and picked up lots of good stuff!

*skim milk
*puffins peanut butter cereal (low in sugar)
*almond/hunny butter
*low fat refried beans
*whole wheat mini wraps
*low calorie sour cream
*mango lime salsa
*organic bean burritos
*gluten free pizza
*cliff bars

ohhh and probably more i can't think of it.

Later on this week I am going to start taking pictures and what not of meals and upload them on keeps things interesting :)

Todays menu was...

B: one slice of weight watchers multigrain bread toasted , some peanut butter and chocolate spread on that..with half a banana... cut up apple slices with low sugar peanut butter, low sugar grape juice

s: 2 ryvtea snack crackers with light cream cheese and sliced turkey, weight watchers brownie

L: sweet potatoe fries, smartones meal and asparagus

S: key lime lara bar (YUM)

d: one cup cut up cucumber, one cup cut up celery, 2 tbsps skinnydips hummus and a toasted turkey sandwich stuffed with lots of lettuce

I think i did pretty well today..I had wanted to get on the treadmill..but I think the walk to work and curves will do me fine

Tomorrow is my long day! GOTTA BE STRONG!

I will remember happier

Me infront of the stardust theatre on the norwegian jewel cruise ship :)

Monday, April 27, 2009

i am eating ENOUGH!

Ok so I am sunburnt!! how did that happen! It was so beautiful here..I walked like..over an hour work and all over! it was great.

So earlier in the WW forums..people were telling me I wasn't eating enough..yet I ate all my points and a few not sure what they were talking is my menu for today...

b: 2 eggs(scrambled eggs) with chill powder and REAL full fat swiss cheese (these took alot of points up) 2 slices of weightwatchers bread

L: large smoothie: mixed frozen fruit and skim milk with splenda and a bowl of goatscheese yogurt mixed with honey, granola and a banana

S: ritz crackers

D: cup of baked beans with 2 slices of weight watchers bread

I really honestly feel like thats enough for I KNOW my body can't lose weight if I ate more then that!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Food log for today..because nothing else really interesting happened!

B: small bowl of chia goodness! with a cup of manderin oranges
S: 100 calorie pack of peanut butter thin cookies
L: turkey sandwich (on weightwatchers bread) with swiss cheese/lettuce and pickles with one cup of cucumber on the side
S: half a larabar and some stuffed olives
D: gluten free pizza and skinny cow dessert

Not great but also not bad. I also did 40 minutes on the treadmill.

Tomorrow I will be eating light...because I am hitting swiss chalet Tuesday and I am not going to deprive myself. I am going to enjoy what I usually get. 8 chicken wings with a ceaser salad...which = almost 23 weightwatcher points YIKES thats what I get all day!...So I guess I will be snacking on veggies after that!

Good find

Had this for breakfast this morning...very good!

Go here for the info!


Saturday, April 25, 2009


seriously..I hate this blog lol
How can i delete old blogs????

Just go there..scroll down a bit..and you will find the contest!!

Friday, April 24, 2009



Thursday, April 23, 2009

"I'll follow your lead"

Do you have a little girl or boy (for that matter) that looks up to you? as a mentor?

Let me tell you... I have about..20..give or take.
I work at a community centre and I am involved in various programs with all ages...from birth to 16. Next Friday I will be help leading the dove campaign for True beauty self esteem girls night, and it reallly got me thinking...I need to be more positive about my own body image. These girls are looking up to me...and I can't even imagine what goes through their head on a daily basis about their own self image. So that is what I am going to strive be a good role model for those who look up to me!!

Weigh in tomorrow!

Menu for today:

b: honey bran muffin, one cup of grapes and a delmonte peach cup packed in water.

s: whole wheat crackers and light cream cheese with stuffed olives

L: cuppa soup and 2 slices of wholewheat weightwatchers bread toasted

S: smart pop popcorn

D: lean cuisine cannalonies, weightwatchers brownie.

Activity: Walked around 40 minutes outside today and 30 minutes on the treadmill.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Not much to post today.
Had a long day.
Having a rough night at home.
I wish I could move out... (need more funds)

Here is the menu for today

B: 2 slices of whole wheat weightwatchers toast with sugerless peanut butter, delmonte peach cup

S: 3 wholewheat crackers with light cream cheese and stuffed olives

L: Bag of smartpop popcorn and weight watchers carrot cake

S: fruit cocktail

D: orange sesme chicken and rice weight watchers meal and weightwatchers brownie.

walked EVERYWHERE that was enough excersise for me.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fierce girls WORK IT OUT

Todayyyy is finally overrr...I can finally relax!
I worked out hard today!
Did 30 minutes on the treadmill, went to curves, walked to work and back (twice)
So yea..earned lots of activity points today!
I hope I can keep this up! :) and I also hope I don't get sick. Today at smelled like rotten eggs..I was like wow what is that smellllll...and one of the little boys in program was talking to me and he BURPED like right into my mouth as i was talking ..and it was one of those smelly flu burps :S then I find out he is not feeling well, had the flu for a few days I PRAY that I do NOT get the flu..yuck!!!!

I think I stayed on track with my points today... I might have been over by 2 or 3..nothing to really worry about as I worked out like crazy today!

The menu today=

B: half cup of honey nut cheerios with banana slices on top/cinnamon and low fat milk/delmonte peaches packed in water

S: whole wheat snack crackers with light cream cheese and 3 stuffed olives

L: one cup of veggie and chicken stir fry/chocolate chip bran bar

S: skinny cow popsicle snack

D: one cup of tuna pasta salad

Tomorrow is my long day :(
I have breakfast program from 7:30 to 9 am...then I am going to curves..then I have family play group 12 to 3.... 3 to 5:30 is afterschool program and 6 to 8 is youth drop inn... whoa I'm going to need some strength!!

WEIGH IN FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

This day better be over.

I hate Mondays!!!!!!

I woke up with that mentality :

I had work from 11:30 to 6:45...which included family playgroup, afterschool program and teaching a tap class..

My tap class is awesome..I have a little 4 year old who is amazing!! It blows me away how talented she is :)

The family playgroup mothers put on a potluck ... It could have been bad for me...but I only had a few healthy choices (and ended up being my lunch so that was good).

With that being said, I think i ate a little more then i would have liked too..but oh well, such is life.

Menu for today ended up being:

B: half cup of mixed fruit with a breakfast egg and veggie wrap.

S: bag of smart pop (small)

L: half a cup of tuna pasta salad with a slice of red pepper/cream cheese ontop

D: cup of chicken/veggie stir fry and sweet potato fries

s: half a cup of sugerless icecream.

I also walked to work today...lead a tap class and was on my feet most of the day. I WILL go on the treadmill tomorrow and to curves!! So that is good!

I went on a little grocery adventure with my mom tonight..and I discovered stuffed olives stuffed with light blue cheese...anyone ever had these?? wow..I love olives! lol

Also ... does anyone have a good recipie for light tuna pasta salad? I bought black olives to put in it and low fat/light mayo with light chunky tuna and whole wheat pasta...just need to put it all together i guess!

Ok I guess that is all...

I miss my boyfriend guys... :( I hate long distance relationships!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Is tomorrow really a new day...

Today has been ok. I didn`t over-eat today...that makes it...a good day.
My meal plan for today was not planned out, but it was ok.

Lunch: Mini bag of smart pop popcorn.
Snack: Mini cube of cheese
Dinner: Homemade sweet potatoe fries and a stirfry with lots of veggies in it..
Lots of water...

My goals for this week, besides stop feeling like a lazy lump...are quite simple.

1. Clean room: I really find if my surroundings are in order, my life follows suit. If I feel like a slob then I`m going to start eating like a slob... it makes sense to me.

2. Get in 5 days a week of cardio. I don`t care what this cardio may be..30 minutes each time, treadmill...walking outside, jogging on the spot! Whatever..I have to do it!

3. Drink more water : Improves skin...aids in weight loss.

4. Lose 2 pounds for next weight in.

5. Smile more.

So this seems pretty simple right....right. (In my head it seems simple, here is hoping it all works out as planned)

I know alot of WW gals will be following this, and I`m glad. I need to be held accountable for my actions.