Sunday, April 19, 2009

Is tomorrow really a new day...

Today has been ok. I didn`t over-eat today...that makes it...a good day.
My meal plan for today was not planned out, but it was ok.

Lunch: Mini bag of smart pop popcorn.
Snack: Mini cube of cheese
Dinner: Homemade sweet potatoe fries and a stirfry with lots of veggies in it..
Lots of water...

My goals for this week, besides stop feeling like a lazy lump...are quite simple.

1. Clean room: I really find if my surroundings are in order, my life follows suit. If I feel like a slob then I`m going to start eating like a slob... it makes sense to me.

2. Get in 5 days a week of cardio. I don`t care what this cardio may be..30 minutes each time, treadmill...walking outside, jogging on the spot! Whatever..I have to do it!

3. Drink more water : Improves skin...aids in weight loss.

4. Lose 2 pounds for next weight in.

5. Smile more.

So this seems pretty simple right....right. (In my head it seems simple, here is hoping it all works out as planned)

I know alot of WW gals will be following this, and I`m glad. I need to be held accountable for my actions.