Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sorry folks.

Work and life just exhaust me.
I really need the weekend to I can do better things with my time, like BLOG.

Menu for today...wasn't so good (just added soome extra things I should not have) but at least i realize that right?

b: cup of peanut butter puffins with sliced banana in skim milk YUM..I think everyone should go out right now and buy peanut butter puffins..they are like over sized captin crunch...but crunchier! and taste like peanut butter!..low in sugar..and fat..and just fabulous ;)

s: one snack cracker with light cream cheese...half a banana

L: grilled cheese sandwich using light livactive mozza cheese and weight watchers bread with sliced onion....cut up celery with roasted red pepper dip

s: smart pop popcorn, cup of yogurt with granola and fruit

d: one black bean sausage

extras: fruit cup and 100calorie peanut butter thins

You might say wow..all those snacks and extras..yea..I fail. but I'm a woman and this is my time of the month...and dare I explain more?

peeeeace out.


misssarahlou said...

Lots of snacks but at least they were good snacks! :o)