Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"less cheese burgers and more sandwiches and salads ladies!"

An old dance teacher once said to my class .. "LESS CHEESE BURGERS AND MORE SANDWICHES AND SALADS LADIES"... At the time, I hated him...but now I understand where he is coming from, and am proud that I have been filling up on the GOOD HEALTHY stuff! So cheers to me..and YOU for doing the same :)

Today i walked to work in the morning, walked to work and back in the afternoon...pumped it up at curves gym! I was seriously sweating after that work out...because I jog on the matts and that takes alot out of me. I then went grocery shopping and picked up lots of good stuff!

*skim milk
*puffins peanut butter cereal (low in sugar)
*almond/hunny butter
*low fat refried beans
*whole wheat mini wraps
*low calorie sour cream
*mango lime salsa
*organic bean burritos
*gluten free pizza
*cliff bars

ohhh and probably more i can't think of it.

Later on this week I am going to start taking pictures and what not of meals and upload them on here...it keeps things interesting :)

Todays menu was...

B: one slice of weight watchers multigrain bread toasted , some peanut butter and chocolate spread on that..with half a banana... cut up apple slices with low sugar peanut butter, low sugar grape juice

s: 2 ryvtea snack crackers with light cream cheese and sliced turkey, weight watchers brownie

L: sweet potatoe fries, smartones meal and asparagus

S: key lime lara bar (YUM)

d: one cup cut up cucumber, one cup cut up celery, 2 tbsps skinnydips hummus and a toasted turkey sandwich stuffed with lots of lettuce

I think i did pretty well today..I had wanted to get on the treadmill..but I think the walk to work and curves will do me fine

Tomorrow is my long day! GOTTA BE STRONG!

I will remember happier times...lol

Me infront of the stardust theatre on the norwegian jewel cruise ship :)


Angela said...

Hell yea for cruises!!! I went on my first cruise for ourhoneymoon and it was so amazing. Gah I want to go back! Where did you cruise to?

JocelynMarie said...

I definitly agree with you..I loved cruising.. we did southern carribean..10 day :) it was fantastic..