Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fierce girls WORK IT OUT

Todayyyy is finally overrr...I can finally relax!
I worked out hard today!
Did 30 minutes on the treadmill, went to curves, walked to work and back (twice)
So yea..earned lots of activity points today!
I hope I can keep this up! :) and I also hope I don't get sick. Today at work...it smelled like rotten eggs..I was like wow what is that smellllll...and one of the little boys in program was talking to me and he BURPED like right into my mouth as i was talking ..and it was one of those smelly flu burps :S then I find out he is not feeling well, had the flu for a few days now...so I PRAY that I do NOT get the flu..yuck!!!!

I think I stayed on track with my points today... I might have been over by 2 or 3..nothing to really worry about as I worked out like crazy today!

The menu today=

B: half cup of honey nut cheerios with banana slices on top/cinnamon and low fat milk/delmonte peaches packed in water

S: whole wheat snack crackers with light cream cheese and 3 stuffed olives

L: one cup of veggie and chicken stir fry/chocolate chip bran bar

S: skinny cow popsicle snack

D: one cup of tuna pasta salad

Tomorrow is my long day :(
I have breakfast program from 7:30 to 9 am...then I am going to curves..then I have family play group 12 to 3.... 3 to 5:30 is afterschool program and 6 to 8 is youth drop inn... whoa I'm going to need some strength!!

WEIGH IN FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!