Sunday, May 3, 2009

Good morning!!

If I had it my way, every morning would start with a dance party to:

throw in a beautiful sunshining morning like today...and well, you've got the perfect match!

I got up at a decent time today (aka not 6am..more like 8:30!!) Great for a Sunday! I heard the birds chirpin so I went outside and took some sunny pictures for you all to see! Us Canadians aren't always buried under snow :)It was even wayyy to bright for the setting I had the camera on. The Sky is an amazingggg color of bright blue :)

After basking in the glorious light for awhile, I heard my tummy grumble. Onto breakfast it was! I had planned last night to have a delishous crazy monkey protein shake. I find planning my meals out ahead of time really helps me!

This is what I used this time around for my crazy monkey!

I really enjoy this goatsyogurt..has anyone ever tried it?
And this is the most delishous protein mix I'v used!

-silk chocolate soymilk
-splenda brownsugar
-whey protein
- 1 banana
- a few icecubes

This was so delishous!! Oh my was nice and sweet and gave me the boost I needed.

Well I am off now..I have quite a bit of cleaning to do today!!
Hope you all have time to relax!


misssarahlou said...

Looks yummy, i like that you serve it in a nice glass - presentation makes it taste even better :o)