Monday, May 4, 2009

The Simple life

Today was good.
Family playgroup - got to hold the new baby..he projectile vomited his baby food up on me. It was excellant. lol. After family playgroup - it was on to afterschool program, where I learned a new song. It involved a bad word. Enough said. :)

This morning I went on a yoga shopping spree on and got some fantastical classes for free and also bought a few longer classes. But I am starting with yoga for beginners. My goodness. Downward facing dog - leg high, will be the death of me!!!!! After I write this, I shall tackle that class again.

Onto Noms!


Greenzilla sandwich with cut up veggies and roasted red pepper dip

This was delish and I was satisfied all throughout work...until around 4ish. I had packed a banana cut up with some chocolate spread..mmmm. Was so good!

I got home around 6:00..checked some emails..and let me just say...I have awesome plans coming up for my just wait and see!! :)

I was so excited about dinner tonight. It was simple, fresh, and delish.

A crunchy dill salad with half sweet potato/asparagus and creamy dill sauce (made with light sourcream/fresh dill) I added olive oil to a bit of sour cream and fresh dill to the salad as well :) Was so good..I definitly love black olives and avocado in my salads!

lol sadly dining alone tonight. Sigh. How I wish my man were home with me. Thats ok..I made it fun! Lemon spritzer with strawberries and raspberries mmm

Dessert was simple but yum..I haven't had icecream in so long!!

alright...I am off to do another round of 30 min beginner Yoga and Tommy Europe is gonna kick my arse! 10 pound shred! ciao!


misssarahlou said...

It all looks yummy! I am intrigued for you blog ideas!

JocelynMarie said...

It WAS yummy :) heheh you shall see soon!!

Kelly said...

Oh man, raising your leg during downward dog? TOUGH! I laughed so hard when I first started yoga that downward dog is a resting pose! I think it's hard! (I still do!)

JocelynMarie said...

yea..I am at the most basic level of beginner you can be..I really can't lift my leg like that! ha! I'll check out your blog :)