Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Emotionally exhausted.

Hello folks..happy wednesday!
I'm so tired.. living here stresses me out. I think it will be soon time to find other living arrangments. It should be possible for a family to function together...or at least live in the same space without wanting to kill one another..but I'm not so sure about here :S

Work Always something new.

I had to have a quick easy lunch because I was only off for around an hour this morning.
Lunch was..a turkey wrap (whole wheat) with roasted red pepper dip, black olives, lettuce and pickles.

had to take these on my mac cuz my camera wasn't

also had a tiny bit of no sugaradded/lactose free icecream with raspberries mmm

For work I packed 2 snacks. Some guiltless gourmet chilli and lime chips and an oatmeal/raisin clif bar. MY GOODNESS..THIS WAS DELISHOUS...seriously...I am so impressed. I am glad I picked up a few more of these in all different varietys. Can't wait to try the others out!

We have snack time with the kids...and their snack today = bologna sandwiches. I hate bologna..sooo I took one slice of whole wheat bread and put some low fat pb and j on there! :) You can also see the delishous scar on my finger from cutting myself with my new sharp chefs knife last week. OUCH :(

This pretty much kept me going until I got off of work at night. I came home..and made a delishous simple meal!
Lemony/dill roasted potatoes with a light salad. OH BOY the potatos are a new fave thing!! You can alter them to your own tastes...
I added
Squeezed juice from a lemon, dill paste, fresh dill, touch of butter, ground pepper and salt..baked for around 45 minutes...and i dipped them in light creamy dill sauce...WOW SO GOOD. I have an obsession with dill!! ..(and black olives) :)

and simple salad with black olives and cheddar cheese (and dill sauce) :P

Well that is all for now..I'm surprised I have even got this eyes are closing as we speak!



nikbis said...

All that food looks SOOOO GOOOD :-) I want to make these potatoes!