Saturday, May 9, 2009

warning: lots of yummy food. Nom.

I'm beat.
Getting up at 6 will do that to ya!

I got up early to do some running around with mom...

- Farmers market
- zerzh
- southern pride poultry (ontario)
- Witiveens meats

Was a good little outing and just wait until you see the noms I got..
To clear something up: I haven't done a big shop in awhile..I'm really not being gluttonous..I did need all this stuff! :P lol

I ate before we left, but didn't take a pic of it..tsk tsk

Bfast was a nice bowl of
- half cup honey nut cheerios
- half cup peanut butter puffins
- some goatyogurt mixed with splenda brown sugar and honey
- chopped strawberries..

all mixed up..YUM

We then left for the Market. Seriously...I love the market

I ended up getting

- toasted chives
- pack of dillweed
(from the organic farmers)
- organic granola
- organic buckwheat flour
- organic locally grown applesauce
- chia
- honeycomb
- no sugar pear jam
- regular apple butter
- no sugar added apple butter
- chocolate cream tea
- organic pancake mix - ready to cook/eat

and more! ..Wow this trip was successful..I can't wait to try baking with some of this stuff!

Next was Witiveens/southern pride poultry

- new honeybbq sauce
- blueberry cheese
- mild meatstick
- kettlecooked jalapeno chips
- 6 stuffed chicken breasts..- ones with cheese and apple, cheese and asparagus..and blue cheese
- seasonings

Annnnd then finally Zerzh

- cucumber
- avocado
- larabars
- new organic chocolate bars i found (oh so yummy)
- blackberries
- raspberries
- blue agave
- gluten free pretzels
- gluten free chocolate chip cookies
- sugar cane
- bobs flaxmeal
- new beeswax energy bar
- 3 magazines
- cook yourself thin cookbook

take a look at these!

elderberries! - anyone know of any good recipies for these? i'v come across fritters..muffins..smoothies...!! For more info on elderberries..go

The locally grown (apples) applesauce

The organic grassroots pancake mix..

Tryed the gingersnaps of this brand last week...they were majorly decided to try a new kind! They are so good..I'm thinking about doing a giveaway!..I thnk I need more readers for that! lol

Good old Bob - I love his I know I will enjoy the flax!

After I got back..i was famished!
Lunch time!

a toasted sandwich
- weight watchers bread
- cucumbers
- crunchy pickles
- organic greens
- spinach/roasted red pepper and artichoke spread

with sliced cucumber and a banana chocolate muffin with peanut butter on top

After lunch I zipped over to Jess's for a summerstaff planning session..for a few went well..and hopefully we will have a few more of these to come before summer!!

I walked home (good saturday excersise)..and again famished (few hours since lunch)

so I had... a small bag of smartpop and one of the new dark/organic chocolate was real thin..and i believe was so tasty!

I chillaxed for a bit and decided what I wanted to have for dinner..
I had bought ground turkey at southern pride poultry..soooooo decided to use it!

It turned into a lime/citrus ground was so yummy and juicy...even my dad who HATES ground turkey...loved this!

Here is what I used..

In the ground turkey
- baja citrus spices/marinade (just stirred it into the meat)
- ginger
- limejuice
- toasted chives
- garlic
- olive oil
- touch of chilli powder
- salt

I just eyeball all of it :)

I'll definitly be buying this would be great on chicken!

also added...
- mushrooms
- tomato
- garlic
- sweet onion

Note: this meal will do me a few meals..:)

The smell as it was cooking was divine..mmm

TO go along with this I made my lemony dill potatos! These are a huge hit with my parents...ya! I dip them in low fat dill sourcream dip :)

very delish, not to mention satisfying AND I can use the leftovers for all sorts of stuff, taco salads...wraps...yum yum yum

Dessert???? oh yea! I was ready for it!!

no sugar added/lactose free vanilla icecream with blackberries MMMMMMM

Soooooo that was some serious yummy eats..and I feel great..but tired..good sleep tonight?

Favour ..if you are reading this? ..Send me your favorite elderberry recipies..I'd really love to have a few to get started I have not done much cooking with these!!

Last but not least..I'll leave you with the song of the day!



Nutritious is Delicious said...

It all looks so good! Esp. that banana chocolate muffin with PB...and the ICE CREAM! :D lol