Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Snack monster

Today I definitly went far over my point limit..
i was just on the go so much..walking everywhere for work...
i walked SO much today..
and felt hungry..I don't think i'v had a snacking day like this in awhile

snacks included
-12 kettle cooked jalapeno chips
-snack cracker with cream cheese
-1 banana
-1 apple
-one cup of hickory sticks
- trail mix

(all throughout the day..) along with bfast lunch dinner.

sigh. oh well ...tomorrow is a new day!

I took SOME pictures of food today..(b/l/d)

So bfast...

whole wheat english muffin with pb loco peanutbutter/banana and some pinapple...


went from this...


Some snacks...(but not all)

Raw cookie goodness

fruit goodness


I also made this fun dip to go with it
I used
-1 avocado
- a few hot peppers
- 2 green onions
- just short of one cup of low fat /light sour cream
- lime juice
- one small tomatoe chopped

annnnnd blendy blendy

altogether... add to my day of over indulgence :S

no sugar added icecream with blackberries

yes it was one of those days lol

I'm so so tired so im going to get to bed. have an earlyish night..because my alarm is set for early to do some yoga..

Tomorrow WILL be a better day.