Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lets have a flavour party

Ahhhh Saturday. You know what Saturday is for in my opinion? RELAXING. Serious. I work so often during the week, when the weekend comes...I just feel like vegging out. No worries, Sunday I clean and work out :) So today has been a pretty chill day. Yesterday on the other hand...long long day. The dove campaign for self esteem girls night was last night. Twenty girls showed up, way more then we had expected. I would have preferred to split into 2 age groups (10-12 and 13-15) and have 2 seperate nights because I found that the 13-15 age group sort of brought the younger girls down, which is very sad... they made fun of the yogurt and oatmeal facemasks we had made...literally gagged at it, gagged at our veggie and dip snack, and basically just came for the free stuff... and you could tell they HATED the no put down rule. But the younger girls...were so excited...had great answers, and some did try the face masks...but some were just too embarrased to be seen by the older girls...oh man this really makes me feel sad. Anyways.... yea..thats about it. Dove is pretty sweet for sending all of those swag bags over. Every single girl got one! It had soap, body wash, hand wash, shampoo AND conditioner :)

So onto some exciting stuff...
some of my favorite stuff
I thought I would post!

and now onto dinner.. Now it may not look appitzing, but it was so tasty!
2 whole wheat wraps with black bean and soy refried beans and some left over homemade chilli topped with LOTS of lettuce, tomatoes, fresh avacado, onions, light cheese, mango lime salsa and low fat sour cream :) I call that a party in my mouth!!!!

annnnndddd something sweet for dessert..that won't push me over my points :)
These are amazing folks..try them!
5 small cookies for a serving, but I only had 2 :)

have a great night all!!


S said...

where did you get the Gluten-Free Ginger Snaps? They look so good!

JocelynMarie said...

I got em at zerzh..a grocery store :)