Saturday, May 9, 2009

Weekends aren't for work.

Up at the crack of dawn today. But no...not to workout. My brother and dad got up early to watch a live european soccer match...and so yea..not likely that i would get a chance to sleep in. On Today,s agenda...Farmers market (yum), groceryshopping, getting mothers day present (eek..late lol),!!!!!! on a saturday?...yep. Have to meet with the girls to do some planning for the summer from 1 to 3...and somewhere inbetween there i will be hitting up the gym. And then I will probably be taking a nice long afternoon nap!!!

I didn't update yesterday because it was quite a long day...but I do have some pictures...

Also as you already know I had my weigh in on Friday and verdict= 2 pounds lost! yahoo!

Friday's Meals

Cheesy dill eggs with onions
2 slices of wwtoast with artichoke/roastedred pepper and spinach spread
sliced strawberries

Lunch was delishous oats (and it held me over for a good while)
- bobs traditional scottish oatmeal
- skim milk
- peanut butter on top
- dark organic mint chocolate melted throughout (YUM)

I also recieved a package in the mail today. I ordered from American eagle online last pair of tank top (its so pretty) 2 layering tops from aerie and sandals... I got so many compliments on these babies..I love em!

So I walked to work (in the glorious heat) kids showed up today, so it was rather boring...but we did get some cleaning done. I had a lemon weight watchers cake for snack... I then walked back up (around 20 minutes) to my other worksite to meet the kids afterschool....and before they arrived enjoyed a yummy snack of carrots with dill dip. We did lots of baking with the kids for mothers day...they decorated mini paper plates with heart stickers and happy mother's day...decorated brownies and made a nice plate up for the moms :) So cute! But needless to say i was on my feet the entire time...running around like some sort of soccer mom...I'm not sure how they do it..after 2 and a half hours I was beat!

When I finished at was off to youth (another group I lead) sooo back down I walked..20-25 minutes (geeze alot of walking today..but thats good) Not tooo much to talk about here...I had 2 mini banana chocolate muffins for another snack (they are so good)... I walked home from here..SURPRISE SURPRISE! (my buns better be in great shape in a few months)

Dinner was simple
orange seseme chicken and rice weight watchers meal
and a salad with sundried tomato feta cheese, black olives, squeezed lemon juice and dill dressing.

So this will be a long morning/afternoon...I have vowed that I am going to treat myself to a late afternoon nap!..Cheers! have a great Saturday :)


misssarahlou said...

Hahaha you are a sufferer of the early morning football in the UK too! I feel your pain!

Well done on the 2lb loss - thats awesome :o)

I see what you mean about your dill addiction - all your food looks amazing.

Hope you have a fab saturday :o)