Friday, May 8, 2009

This is me world..size 14-16 now, but it won't be forever

A package came for me today. A package from American eagle! Now I usually don't buy alot of clothes from there because I find the fit not to suit my body type (pear pear pear) but recently, I took a chance. The weather is getting warmer...and I'v worked hard. I started at 215ish and have lost almost 30 pounds since! I deserve new spring summer clothes. So I ordered! A pair of shorts size 16..they are tan and the longer style (which I like) They look good on me! And I don't dwell on the size. Last summer I wouldn't have been able to fit into these shorts nor would I have had the self esteem to wear them in public. Lots of girls worry today that they are a size I would love to be there! I'm rambling...but I just feel like we should embrace how we are NOW...if we are a size 16 now..then lets dress our bodies and be proud of that ...if we are a size 8..fantastic...lets dress our body with clothes that fit us and that we can feel proud of!! I'm going to walk out the door today beaming..because I feel great...and I know it is just going to get better (and the number on the pant is going to get smaller) :)

Have a great day everyone
Pictures to come after work (9pm)


Jenny said...

Thats a wonderful feeling! Keep up the great work!

misssarahlou said...

Way to go girl! That is soooo the right mentality to have in my opinion. Size on the label means nothing really, its about what fits and what you feel comfortable in, the only person seeing that number is yourself and whoever sells the clothes to you anyway. Size 8 or size 16 doesnt mean much anyway... i know plenty of people that are the same size but not necessarily the same shape! We are all individuals and you and me both are trying to change our bodies but it doesnt mean that we cant be happy along the way too!

You have a great attitude - keep up the good work and enjoy your new clothes! :o)

nikbis said...

Cheers to that! Yay for new small clothes!!!! You're fabulous, hope you enjoy the new duds I'm sure you rock 'em :-)