Sunday, May 10, 2009

Green Monster Mania

Whattt a day. I'm not sore yet from the workout...maybe tomorrow? I really hope I can keep that up!! Every day! Woo.

Happy mothers day!! I woke up..around 7:30 today. Gave my mummmm her prezzie. I had printed off a bunch of pictures of Maggie (rip) our old dog who passed away this year (we had her for 18 years..yes..18!!) anyways had a bunch of her pictures printed onto photopaper..and had it framed for my mom!!

Here it is!

and a cute card :)


Happy mothers day!

So I already told you about my work out earlier...I was sooo tired after, but thats ok. Had a shower...did some running around with mom...and then cleaned for a few hours!!! But I did have time for a few snacks ;)

Before working out

After workout/shower...I had the LAST chocolate/banana muffin with peanut butter on top and a zero calorie diet pepsi :)

- wrap with left over ground turkey/veggie stirfry - feta cheese bbq sauce and organic lettuce...all baked to yummyness with 12 kettle cooked jalapano chips!! mmm


This was so good that I had it for dinner..(had to use up the stirfry I made anyways)

Can I also just say that..I bought organic yogurt covered raisins the other day...and i am now addicted..HIDE THEM FROM ME!!! hehe.

Now onto dinner...

Ok so, you know what I'm talkin about when I say green monster..I'v seen a couple fantastic ones on several different sites..(oh she glows) being one of them...there are a few others but I can't remember them all! Anyways I decided to make one!

I used

- a big handful of spinach
- one chopped mango
- big juicy strawberries
- goatsyogurt
- skim milk
- splenda brown sugar
- cinnamon *this was so yummy in it*
- and a touch of agave nectar


My dad was gagging when i added the spinach to the blender...I asked him to try he did...oh should have heard him!!! His reaction was priceless...he LOVEDDDDD IT...I wanted to take a picture of him but he was like no wayyy..haha...That just goes to monsters..yum yum.

For dinner (with the green monster..I had the same wrap I had at lunch, because it was so yummy!)

and I just enjoyed 25 minutes in the hot tub!! wow it felt great!
Great day!

I'll leave you with one of my favorite songs..
Just give this band a chance!! (they aren't singing mmmbop anymore!) If you haven't listened to Hanson in awhile (since your teenybop days) ..They write/play/produce their own music..and its great!!! They all are married now AND ALL HAVE CHILDREN!! Taylor also has a new band called tinted windows..check em out..
p.s I'v been a huge huge huge hanson fan since I was 11. lol :P

This song is great...I think it talks to me through this journey of weight loss..and lovin life!! No matter matter what has happened in the past :)




misssarahlou said...

Fantastic workout today! WTG.

So funny about your dad liking the green monster, lol... just goes to show that we should try new things! :o)