Monday, May 11, 2009

Long day..productive day...

Today has been a long day folks..not really a hard day..just..long.
I got up early and was cravin some eats

I posted the recipe earlier..for spinach and potato fritatta..


My dad even enjoyed this! I would make it again (and try different variations) but even though i cut the recipie in half..I would cut it again!

After I let that digest for a while I did some workin out!
-30 minutes treadmill
-10 min eliptical

I was feelin the burn!!

Had half a larabar afterwards...and oh...what is that!? special packages?? for me???

thats right! My stuff from came today!! mmmmmmm it all looks so delishous

all natural raw raspberry honey..mmm


I had to try one of the free samples they also gave me right awway!
The raw granola chewy bar..mmm (I also ordered a few of these)

For those of you who don't lucky duck specializes in raw food products..they are all pretty tasty..again look em up..lots of great stuff/good

Another package came for me!! (a few did) lol
What is next??

could it be??

yessssssssssss a laptop lunch!! (featured on Oprah) check it out!
I used it today..and the kids at program LOVED IT..They were all so curious..and said it would be more fun to eat out of a laptop lunch! lol

Anyways...after this excitment..i was on to lunch time

Had to be quick and easy because I had to be at work for 12.

Green monster and crackers it was!
In the green monster (was heaven)

- 1 mango
- 1 banana
- lots of spinach
- agave nectar/cinnamon/splenda brown sugar
- dollup of melted cocanut butter mmmmmmmmmm
- ice


2 rvyteea snack crackers with almond butter and blueberries

I then packed a few snacks to take with me to work..because I was there until 8..including teaching a tap I needed some energy!


-gogi berry crackers
-trailmix : bana chips/carub chips/yogurt raisins
-half a larabar

Off to work I went!
i walked there..did family playgroup.
Walked up to afterschool program.
Walked from Afterschool program back to teach the tap class..

Which was the last tap class of the term..
and look what I got from one of my students! AWWW

I have a nice picture of me and the girls..but I won't post that on here..(saftey reasons)..I love teaching tap! I have a class this summer as well :)

After the tap class I had a meeting that went for around an hour..and finally...HOME..

Dinner..something quick and easy (leftovers really)

Put together makeshift taco salad using left over turkey ground round..just added mexican spice and cheese to it...

- greens
-ground turkey
- dollup salsa ranch and light sourcream
- avocado
-guiltless gourmet nachos

Dessert? Had to break open the raw chocolatechip cookies!! Omg..they are sooooooooooooooo yum!


4 tubs of pure heaven..(pics are weird..kinda blurry..dont know why)
all from

- peanut butter with chocolate chip cookie dough (yea im serious)
- peanut butter with coco banana
- peanut butter with raspberry white chocolate
- peanut butter with dark chocolate

wow..well..Im set for about a year for peaniut butter..BUT ITS ALL SO GOOD and we can't get it here where I live!!

ok bloggies..thats about all the excitment I have for ya today..Tomorrow I am going to swiss chalet with my grandma and mom..I'v already decided what I am going to try to stick within my points (as today I went a bit over) but at least it was all good food.. :)

Night night!!


misssarahlou said...

So so funny about your post tonight, i was looking at your website earlier and took a look at One.Lucky.Duck and wondered what you ordered from there - hahaha you read my mind, lol :o)